Thursday 3 October 2013


I love October. Its my favourite month of the year. Because although its Halloween all year round here, October is a month were almost everybody gets excited about horror and thatsreally my time to shine. Its nice that Horror has its own little holiday and it means thatI get to share all my knowledge about obscure horror films.  

Over at Horror Heart Magazine i'm doing a special feature all this month called '31 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN' in which I'll be recommending and looking at some my favourite horror films. Its a nice reminder of films that I love and an opportunity to share those films with you guys.

So feel free to head over and check it out at Horror Heart Magazine, We also have a lot ofawesome stuff going on over at over October.

Also you can check out my newest Feature online now at or watch it below.


Thursday 26 September 2013


I get writers block. I get it a lot. Which is fucking annoying as shit when you have at least 5 scripts that you have to work on, 2 of which in the next few months. But of course right on cue writers block lands like a ton of bricks right when I don't need it.

Recently as I have several times in the past, I find myself just staring at a blank page for a couple of hours until finally I give in and just promise to do double tomorrow. But of course the very next day, we're back to same situation. Being a filmmaker can be tough when this becomes a fundamental problem. Because it's hard to convey an idea or begin production without a script. At least for me.

So one of the biggest points of this blog in General is help me get my writing flow back, and because I've got writers block it's hard to think about anything else but writers block and so I figured that the only thing I could is write a post about writers block. Very meta, I know.

So it's something I've struggled with for most of my life, writing has never come naturally to me, mainly because of my severe dyslexia, which you may or may not have noticed depending on how early you catch my blog posts before I notice how little sense they make In draft one. Story, characters and ideas I have no problem with. Getting that out and down onto a page, now that's a task.

Quite honestly the fact that I've written over half a dozen features and triple that for shorts and you're looking at quite simply, a miracle. However, every time this condition hits me, I find myself being unable to overcome it easily.

I'm told that the best way to overcome the thing is to simply write and so here it is, me writing about writers block so I can continue writing what I'm supposed to be writing.


Wednesday 18 September 2013

To The Nines... 9 Years of MYCHO!

Its hard to believe that just 9 years ago Mycho was born. Looking back now its seems like no time has passed at all and yet also somehow feels as if 100's of years have gone by. To be honest I never thought it would last as long as it has. It feels awesome to look back and see what we've achieved and how we've grown and it also means were also 1 year off our 10th Birthday Celebrations.  Which is going to be something very special. 

So I thought I'd take the chance to just say Thank you. If you read the Blog or visit the site, or watch our Videos, or buy our movies, or listen to our music. All of it means the world to us and its the ONLY reason why we carry on doing it.

This year saw a big milestone for us as we finally scored international distribution for SLASHER HOUSE. After an epic 7 year journey the film finally saw the light of day and that has been a big step for us. Which led us to the production of our next feature length film Legacy Of Thorn

So once again thank you to everyone who supports us. We couldn't and wouldn't do it without you. 

We have so much stuff coming up its unreal, but more on that later. Hopefully updates from here on in should be more frequent and in the meantime take a look around the new blog which is migrating into the website as we speak so its kind of like the Death Star II from Jedi at the mo. 

You can also Rent or Buy SLASHER HOUSE online right now. 

Friday 3 May 2013

Ultimate Filmmaker Advice : Use it or Lose It.

People always ask me what advice I would give to other filmmakers and I always wish I had something better than 'Just go and make films' to say... Well after pondering on this for months on end trying to figure out the perfect thing to say to aspiring filmmakers I managed to sum it up in the 3 words that my inner voice screams whenever I see anyone ask a film related question "Use. Your. Brain'. 

It sounds fucking stupid, I know. But honestly I've seen people ask the simplest of questions or even asked me directly and I answer whilst all the time thinking. Blooming ek, just think about it. Just use your brain.

(The following situation has been changed to protect identities, but you get the gist)

A few years ago a guys said to me, where can I get some guns for a short film from, 
I said "well where do you get guns from?" 
He said "a gun shop" looking pretty pleased with himself.
I said "Well yes, but you don't need real guns you're making a film, you need prop guns" 
at least at this point I hoped he was asking a film related question. 
"Ah right do you know any prop shops?"
"Loads" I said "Every shop is a prop shop"
A twisted confused look appears
"Where do they sell guns?" I ask again 
"A shooting shop"
"Very good, But where do they sell fake guns?" 
"A... Prop shop?"
Okay at this point I just thought, right, just fucking say it. 
"A toy shop" I said and look smug and clever and pleased as fuck with myself. 
"But they have orange things on the ends, I can't use that"
I frown 
"cut it off" and the amazing phrase that I love comes out the guys mouth.

"Wow I never thought of that" 

I know... I know.

The guys who want guns head off to get their guns and I think, 
'Did I just teach someone something?' 
Something stupid, but something nonetheless. 

That evening I'm sitting at my computer and I get an e-mail from this guy, he said, we went and they had guns, but they were green. So we couldn't use them. I can't find any real gun shops in town.

"Why is it a problem with them being green?"
"Well they need to be black" he replied
"I understand that, what makes things black?"

A few minutes of silence before my next message, I assume well used google time.

"Dye?" was his fantastic response.
"Paint." I replied.

And then the words came again "Wow I never thought of that"

"Where do I get paint from?"

Fuck it.

"Wilkinson's in town, they have a two for one special on" 

I sigh and think, well 14 hours later we got here. However he then informed me that we now have to go back and get them and then paint them before their 9 o'clock call time in the morning. 

All it takes is to think. Use your brain. For just a second. Filmmaking is about solving problems. You have the best problem solving device known to man in your skull. USE IT.


Monday 29 April 2013


7 years ago almost to the Day I had just sat down to rest after a day of pre production on my first 'professional' short film 'Before The Dawn'. Me and the producer had sat back and finally got round to watching Darren Lynn Bousman's Saw 2 on DVD. As we watched it I was reminded of an idea. The idea was a joke more than anything, but I though 'what if a bunch of serial killers were trapped in a house with one girl'. It seemed like a one note quip at the time and I doodled a few characters one day in class and then kind of forgot about it till that night.

After everyone left I couldn't sleep, and I started to think about how I could turn that little joke idea into something serious and feasible. The result of course was Slasher House and I sat and wrote the first draft in about 2 days. I didn't hold back and wrote something with the intention of selling it to a studio should the chance ever arise. I once again sat and did some character sketches, mostly for myself and then I left it. 

Over the next couple of years it came up in various conversations, and at one point I looked at involving a separate writer to Polish it up, but it just never really panned out. It wasn't till I sat down to make my first No Budget feature and was about to start shooting that our original writer/producer on Creepsville said, 

"Why are trying to make a 20 odd location, dim lit movie, shot at night, on location movie, when you have the perfect low budget script?" 

"Which one?" I asked

"Slasher House" He said and I thought, 'Shit I totally forgot about that'. 

Of course we were about to start shooting Creepsville at the time and so that was my full focus, but all the way through the shoot, the thought stuck with me. 'I'm gonna make Slasher House'. 

On January 1st 2010, much to everyones hung over dismay (One of the perks of being a workaholic is not having time for hangovers) I called the first pre production meeting on Slasher House, we went over the script and then over the next few months I went away and redrafted the whole thing, changed some characters around until I had what I felt to be a well rounded script that had all the Slasher conventions in it. 

At this point to tell the story in any detail would result in a kind of The Lord of the Rings epic which I simply don't want to go into for various reasons, so let me sum it up. 

In Mid July 2010 we landed on the Isle Of Mann and begin to shoot Slasher House, what began here was to be the single most simultaneously destructive and character building experience of my life. Friends were made, friends were lost, peoples loyalties were strained and everyone came out of it, for better or for worse, a different person. 

Almost 3 years since that day I now sit here writing this, to give me a chance to think about it all, because today sees the film out there in the world on DVD and this a testament to the people (all of them) who set foot onto the set of this film or supported it by donating money, time or something else. It would not have been the same film without you. 

So if you want to support a true grass roots indie production 


And if you wish to see us make another.


Thanks to everyone who supported us thus far. 


Thursday 25 April 2013

Its Only Business

The biggest problem with this world and the reason we're all in this fucking shit to begin with is because "Its Only Business" has become an excuse to do whatever we want and treat people however we want and feel as if this somehow fucking justifies ignoring common human decency. 

I have done a lot of 'favours' for people, for friends, most of the time at my own personal expense, on good faith that I will be remembered next time round and then they dare utter the fucking words 'Its just business' when they decide that they've slummed it with me enough. Or worse they will move on to the next freebie giving sucker or worse still move on to the guy who costs £20 less.

You can tell me not to take it personally, but fucking hell, I am my business, Me, And I go above and beyond to deliver. 

I understand the need to try and save money and cut costs, but for what its worth Loyalty and human decency comes in at being a tad more valuable in my eyes. 

But then again what did I expect? "Its Only Business". Right?


Saturday 20 April 2013


I've never understood film festivals charging to submit a film, ever. I can understand paying a fee once your film is accepted. But outside of that I have always been dubious as to why filmmakers (especially low budget ones) break their accounts to get their films finished then find themselves at the end with a fucking ridiculous bill to get their films shown or in a lot of cases... not. 

It makes little sense to me that you would pay for something that you are not guaranteed to be involved in and even then it makes fucking little sense at that. You are giving a festival content to show, to attract custom and ticket sales, and your paying for the liberty too? 

Heres the kicker though, a lot of festivals pay for higher profile filmmakers to join them, cover their expenses, their hotels, their meals in some cases. Where do you think that money comes from? Sure a little here and there for sponsorship, but the simple fact is John Smith who made 'Night Of The Screaming Gekomen' who is still paying off £25,000 of credit card debt is sat on his todd the night of the fest eating a pot noodle and wondering if one day 10 years from now he'll be able to get his credit score back up enough to make another movie, is footing the bill.

The sad thing is I saw this start to happen about 10 years ago with bands, paying to get on a bill. PAY TO PLAY. But the sad thing is that at least they paid and actually got the exposure here, the little known filmmakers get pushed out. Which makes sense, don't get me wrong. You want your best acts on. But if we're going down this route, why are the lesser knowns footing the bill?  As always though the film industry has always been about a decade behind the music industry, which is baffling in its own right, but I digress. 

I'm not saying this applied to every single festival, but fuck it does to A LOT of 'em. It's not on and no one questions it and I gotta wonder. Why? Because this is not the way it should be and the way I see it, is that we as filmmakers are here to to make entertainment not to be exploited. 

Look this is just my opinion, but you have to agree there is a certain amount of logic here. I think festivals are a good, or even great, thing both fee'd and non fee'd, But like I say, I see a flaw in here and quite a serious one that I feel very few people question, Including myself. Until now. 


Sunday 14 April 2013


We quite often equate success with being respected and appreciated. We see Achievement as something that would be rewarded. As an artist or in fact a person in any other profession, you would expect to work hard and reap the benefits. 

See about 15 years ago, maybe less maybe more depending on wether you do or do not count my humble beginnings helping my school friends out making Slasher Movies on a home camcorder when I was 15, I have worked, for the most part, pretty fucking hard at what I do and let me tell you its not something that falls naturally into my lap. I was never good at it (I'm not saying I am now, just better than I was) but fuck I worked hard, for a long time to make sure that I could work to professional standard, and that for me has been the biggest and more importantly is still the biggest journey I face on my road to being what I hope to one day deem a successful artist in my chosen medium. In this case referring to Horror Movies, but of course I can equally apply this notion to my band Subject 7, or many other things that have done over the years.

It seemS however that people very quickly can choose to ignore the fact that you worked hard, at one point I was working three jobs, trying to set up a company attending university FULL FUCKING TIME!! and I think people lose sight of that and just choose to see the end result and view that as Luck. I'm coming to a point here as working around a lot of students this weekend I came to realise that there is one thing that we are lied to about for most of our lives. Especially when working in the creative industries and that is that others will respect you and appreciate it if you work hard, if you make something of yourself. 

Now hold on a second , I'm not saying that I am in anyway now a successful person, so please don't read this as an ego trip. Also please don't think that I'm applying this to everyone, there are a handful of people out there who support us, who have helped me personally and I am eternally grateful and if the scales were tipped in this kind of behaviour the world in general would be a better place. I simply believe that after 8 years of fucking pushing harder than I ever thought I would ever have to I feel like I might just have Achieved something and that seems to have made a lot of people angry.

Because there is a truth here, if you work hard and try and create something from nothing, to better your life, your position, people for the most part will hate you quite simply because, and I quote Bill Nighy in Hot Fuzz here "You're making us all look bad". Yes because you have tried to do something and they gave up long ago or never got up and tried to begin with, they will create a problem. A very real problem, unfortunately that problem is with themselves and as people we find that hard to accept and so we 'choose' to make our issue someone else's. But of course thats not very helpful when you suddenly realise that 'some people' don't like for what seems like no reason. 

Now just for a second, imagine you work 18 hour days, hard days. Imagine you strain most relationships around you because of the amount of time you have to commit to your art/business/career and then imagine that you have to get up every single day knowing that some people are going to dislike you immensely for that, sometimes to level of sabotage or worse. Imagine now doing the impossible knowing that your payment is that. And I stand there every day and say is it worth it... and without even a blink I say... Yes. 


Because my job is to make Those people Look Bad.

You know who you are ;)


Wednesday 20 March 2013

SUPPLY AND DEMAND - How Veronica Mars Has Changed The World

Ok so the last few weeks I've talked about things like Story and Cameras, but I suppose one of the first steps in heading out to make your movie is how you're going to fund it. 

I am a believer in you not needing money to make movies and thats very true, You don't need money to make certain specific movies, that you have created to be made on nothing. Hell, I did that for my first feature CREEPSVILLE along with 25 + short films on shit all, before we finally set out and made our first 'budgeted' feature SLASHER HOUSE. But depending on the movie depends on the money. We still try to do everything on the minimum possible. 

So with the world of Crowdfunding out there and us in the midst of trying to fund our brand new feature THORN using it, I have obviously spent the last few months really thinking about Crowdfunding and how it effects us as artists and filmmakers and I released something very interesting.


Its an age old term that is pointed toward the idea of creating product that people want to see, because people want to see it and it makes perfect sense. 

See when you set out to make, oh i dunno, lets say 
' a movie about a taxi driver who kidnaps a girl, dumps her boyfriend in a park on an estate that is terrorised by masked maniacs who escaped from an asylum fire over a decade ago and have been living in a tunnel preying on anyone who wanders into their turf in the dead of night
and then you realise to pull that off is a relatively impossible job, then you realise that as you near 3 1/2 years of production and still have no finished product, that people may not actually be interested your product, because you didn't check for the demand of said production, well now that can be avoided… kind of.

After Slasher House, we got some amazing feedback, but two characters stood out as firm favourites. THORN and CLEAVER (Fuck, the clown even made it to the cover). Since the film was shown I'd been getting calls and e-mails asking me what we were doing next and would it be THORN? Well, in fact it was… it always had been (Actually a little know fact is that THORN was supposed to be shot before Slasher House, but certain shifts in other film trends forced me into getting Slasher House out first, and funnily enough was a fantastic testing ground for several of the characters who were being developed for their own solo projects) and that is the film that we are now in Pre Production on.

See it seemed there was a demand for THORN from the offset, instead of setting out to make a movie that I wasn't even sure anyone would want to see (although I do make my best educated guess at the time), we now get to move forward on a movie that people may actually want to see from the start, before its even in the can, before we've even started to fill the can. Of course this is all 'educated' theory at the minute, of course. The IndieGoGo Campaign has only just started so it hard to judge that money and mouth will swap places as of yet.

My point here really comes down to someone called Veronica Mars, I don't really know too much about the property, other than it's some kind of US TV Show starring that chick from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Which is amazingly funny for a Rom Com). which was cancelled by its network. But what I do know is that the Creative team behind it launched a Crowdfunding Campaign last week to make a 'Veronica Mars' Movie and they blew their target wide open in less than 24 hours. This, my friends, is the future. 

This is absolutely supply and demand in full working order, this is people saying, if you REALLY want to see this, support this, If you REALLY want to watch this, then you can and you can pre order in order to make it happen, then they will Supply to that Demand. This approach could change the way that things are made, think about things like Firefly, Angel, and all the movies that struggle to get made that are based on amazing properties, but get caught up in studio funding bullishit yet have a huge and supportive fan-base. They now have a chance of happening and the same goes for the indie who lets say 
'Made a movie called SLASHER HOUSE and now needs a small amount of cash to make their next movie THORN'.

Speaking of which ;)


Thursday 28 February 2013


I wanted to start this year from the top trying to cover the basics from the beginning and hand out a little advice or at least insight into the process that I follow when it comes to filmmaking.  Like I always say, my way is not the right way of doing things, probably the absolute opposite infact, but it is a way and all you can ever do from these things is take what you want to learn and disregard the rest if you so choose, but just remember I make a lot of mistakes, and you can learn from them without having to go through them first hand. So With that in mind lets talk gear.

Obviously this entry is called 'Getting Into Gear' which is sound advice, and that is a great first step, get into cameras know your s**t about them, believe me once you start people will wanna kill you for reeling off camera models like they 'ain't no thang', but understanding your tools is the first battle and it can be fun if you let it be. I gotta tell you I don't know everything about everything, you stick a RED in my hand, I'd probably wonder why its black ;) But I know how to use the camera that I use and thats all I really need to know. But fuck me do I know it well and so I can use that to my advantage when the inevitable shit hits the inevitable fan.

If your making your first film, and I mean like first ever film, I imagine you are probably camera operator too (and sound man if you have no friends). If you have someone else doing your camera for you, then good for you, but believe me you'll learn a lot more knowing the process inside and out, In this day and age its not enough to be a director, you have to be a filmmaker and getting stuck in to every aspect of the process is the best thing you can do.

I hear a lot of people say "We're gonna wait till we can shoot on Red" or "I need one of them canon 5d's before I'll even think about making a movie", I even hear some idiots arguing that "Film is the only look they will ever consider going for" these people will never make it in the industry and here is why. Because they are thinking about the metaphorical cart before the metaphorical horse.

See what should be driving you is 'Story' (Your horse) or at very least your idea, everything after that (Your cart) doesn't matter (to some degree) if you haven't got a f**king shit hot horse to pull it. Now I'm not saying I'm the golden child of writing or original thought here, I'm the first to admit that as a young(ish) man I have a lot to learn about writing, Bit I understand it's importance and the need to get it right before you shoot.

So before you start 'Getting Into Gear' make sure your Cart has a horse and that your horse, is a Stallion.

Monday 28 January 2013

MY FIRST CAMERA (A Cautionary Tale)

Up until about 4 years ago I was shooting on the cheapest Equipment Available, because thats all I could afford. See I grew up in a time where Super 8 was dying out, well actually, it had died out. I had a Super 8 Camera all the way through my life (It was just lying around in our attic), but absolutely no way to get hold of any film stock for it as it was fast becoming a thing of the past in the 90's. Video seemed the way to go, but Video Cameras, even for the cheapest were nearing a grand and that was something that was out of the question for my family.

When I hit my mid teens, it became a game of making friends with the guys who did have the cameras and hoping I could borrow them, or at least get involve in what they were doing. Which of course led me to starring in some questionable no budget Slasher Movies.

Things weren't so bad when I started college and realised with a bit of 'creative' convincing the guys in stores would lend me the S-VHS TV cameras they had in stock, which led to my first proper film that since exists only as a rapidly deteriorating video tape.

It became apparent to me though that if I wanted to get good at this I needed to practice, practice 'a lot'. I needed my own camera to make that possible.

At 20 years old, I made a deal with my Grandparents, They would give me half the money toward a Camera, should I earn the other half on my own, I had a Job and the college would also drop me a living allowance every 3 months (which was not a lot by any stretch) but I summised that If I didn't eat lunch, or go for a beer or have a night out or buy anything for 3 months I would have just enough for half the camera which back then cost about £350 for the cheapest digital camera available. 

But I fucking did it and became the proudest owner ever of a Samsung VPD10.... 

This camera was my fucking training wheels, I made so much awful shit on this, that its unreal. But eventually in 2004 I made my first attempt at a proper sort film with a little Japanese inspired story called Destination and put it on the internet (Which was still kind of like an overlooked medium for film watching back then) and because of that it garnered quite a nice little audience and became somewhat a success. I should state now that it was awful, but perspective is everything :)

Me and Samsung did everything together from then on, I even realised that it was out performing the cameras we had at the University which I now attended and so I used it non stop for everything from 2004 - 2007 we made some god awful short horror comedies and put the better ones online, in the end I think during that time this little camera shot about 25 short films, as well as some other terrible stuff. If you jump over to my youtube channel HERE and scroll way back you can see some of it :)

It was still going strong when I upgraded to my 3rd Camera in 2010... Unlike my piece of shit Panasonic that died after hardly ever being used and never shot anything but behind the scenes stuff.

"Wheres the cautionary tale" I hear you ask, well, sadly I did let someone borrow my first camera and she was never returned :(

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Horror On Sea - Film Festival

Photo courtesy of  'Silent Studios'
I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but since we got back things have been a bit insane. Which kind of brings me to what I wanted to talk about because Film Festivals, like Music Festivals, are a different world, and one that you find you could very easily live in, everyday, forever and when you land back into your 'everyday' life everything is looked upon with a kind of melancholy.

First of all I have to just say that although this has been my first Festival experience where I have shown a feature film, and I can't imagine a better place or Festival to go through that. Horror On Sea director Paul Cotgrove crafted a weekend of films from all over the world that flowed wonderfully and of course made us feel like our film was something special.

Photography by Bradlee Nelson
It was a life changing experience for most of us and Slasher House (screening as the late showing on Saturday) was surprisingly well attended, which is quite a feat considering the weather and how late the film was on. We got great feedback from it and it was fantastic to see a room of strangers enjoying something that we had spent so long crafting.
The best part of the weekend for me was meeting filmmaker Pat Higgins (Hellbride, Trash House) whose film Trash House kick started my feature film journey more than 7 years ago, which brought everything to a nice full circle. Especially with Hellbride star Eleanor James being our leading lady.

The Festival also gave us a great chance to check out some amazing Horror films such as Nazi Zombie Death Tales (Obvs), Fear Eats The Seoul, Community, Inbred and The Eschatrilogy. We also got to hang out with Jason Wright and the Silent Studios team all weekend and those guys made us feel right at home along with the rest of the staff from Horror On Sea and Bradlee Nelson, thanks to these guys we felt very welcomed

I was also very lucky to meet one the most interesting people (never mind filmmakers) I had ever met in my entire life, who in about an hour restored my dwindling faith in the industry, Director of The Eschatrilogy, Damian Morter, who has been so much help to us in just the time we have arrived back that it is unreal and all because I just wanted to tell him I liked his film There is a lesson to be learned there people.

I'll end with this, It was an eye opening experience for me, both in terms of really understanding where I am currently within an industry and in terms of where I'm going and the kind of people that, if I'm lucky, I will get to work with along the way. There is great deal more that I would love to talk about, but for now my lips are sealed.
P.S. I look forward to the production "Pulsating Suspenders".


Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New Year...

First up Happy New Year Everyone.

If You've been reading for a while You might know that I like to try and drop an update on everything at the beginning f the year. Its a little for me to take stock and a little for you guys to keep you up to date on what I'm up to.

Our first feature is still trapped in Post Production, mainly down to my attention being forced into Slasher House for several different reasons. The main one being interest from distributors and other parties and the fact that Creepsville is an SD (Standard Def) movie make it a slightly less viable product in the eyes of entertainment distributors. However I do have plans for the film and that is my first job of 2013 is get it down in the can and then decide how we'll go about getting it into the world.

Some of guys might have caught the premier back in October, but the film is exploding around here, with constant questions and request for copies of it. We're looking to have the film available to buy later this year, but that depends on a few factors that we can't discuss currently. All I can say is that the film is getting some amazingly positive feedback and begins its Festival tour at Horror On Sea this January. This film is the pin point for everything to come from Mycho from this point on so get in the bottom floor as what we have planned is something pretty spectacular.

You may or may not remember that we announced the film in mid 2011, with the aim of producing it that summer. A few things got in the way and the film continued to be pushed back until I had to make the decision to scrap it all together. It was such a large undertaking and I wasn't convinced we could pull it off. Luckily through several chance happenings toward the end of 2012, I found myself in the perfect position to get the project back up and running. Watch out for news of the film very shortly.

Everything that I want to say about Origins Saga cannot be done justice and will simply give too much away, lets just say its the beginning of a plan that was set in motion more than 7 years ago and its all connected to Slasher House.  3 films that tell 3 separate stories that will all tie back into something bigger than SH itself.  But expect to see the return of characters like Thorn as well as others linked to the House and its residents. Believe me when I say, this is just the beginning of something that looks to push the boundaries of Independent film.

I won't ramble on about this too much, But its the a Christmas Horror film that about 4 or 5 years ago that looks like its entering production toward the end of next year. You better watch out for it ;)

Well we released our first Album 'Seven Rising' back in March and as an independent release it did extremely well. There was a hiccup in the lineup around are halfway point, But it hasn't seemed to slow us down too much. The seconds album carried on in Pre Production and we even found time to re-release Search The Dark featuring our good friend Heather Coulton.

'Fall Of The Four' our second album is now in production and looking at a March release, but we'll have more on that as we move into the new year, as we prep our first single 'Heart Of Osiris' for release in the next couple of months.

Thats just the beginning of what we have planned this year and the state of play as it stands currently and it looks like our busiest year so far.