Sunday 26 June 2011


What a week we’ve had here at Mycho Pictures, We finally wrapped on Slasher House, our second feature film, and we really moved to another level with our filmmaking. But in all the excitement there were a few other things that we’ve been up to around the shoot.


Last year we shot the video for Subject 7’s first single Come Out Tonight and now we’re teaming up with the band again, but this time to bring a video to their comedy Ninja/Metal crowd pleaser Ninjitsu. Production began on the video just a mere two days before the Slasher House shoot.
The rest of the video will be back in production in the coming week. So check back at the blog and at the band Facebook page for more pictures and other exciting things that we’ve been working on along the way.


We are also currently teaming up with Sick Ass Metallers Sa-Da-Ko to put together what will most definitely be our most ambitious project yet. As you can imagine they have used our grounding in horror and let us develop a concept so cool that it will blow you mind, more on that in the next couple of weeks.

Things are getting so busy round here it getting hard to have time to write these things, but We will keep it coming as long as you guys keep reading.


Friday 24 June 2011


Over the last few weeks we had concepted some designs for the final scene of the movie… obviously shooting wise, as the whole thing is shot out of sequence by now.  What started as a drawing of a character that I never thought was a achievable soon became an insane reality thanks to the epic workings of the rest of the team mainly down to Jonny Raw and Connol Pavey putting in the man hours to build the thing.

But what we have ended up with is something amazingly special that, quite honest, rivals a lot of things I have seen come out of Hollywood this year. Right now we had all the raw ingredients to make the scene that pulls the whole movie together, all we had to do now was shoot it.


As usual with shooting in Preston, England, the weather is an issue ALL the time. So no sooner had we arrived on set than it started to rain. Luckily as with the previous shoot, the rain last a very short time and although it set us back we were off and shooting only an hour over schedule.

Again there’s difficulty to say too much without spoiling the film on a major level, but lets say that not only did we get to work with one of the best villains that Mycho Team have created so far and of course we had another opportunity to work with the talented Ailona Lukiyanova in what might have been the smoothest shoot I’ve ever been on.

I finally also got to see Red in the iconic costume that I created for her when I first write the movie nearly 5 years ago. It was an emotional time in many ways and looking at the rough cut today, we have created something that will hopefully change the way low budget films are made forever.

Check out the final stills from the movie below.


I figured, as it was the end of the week and the last of our set reports from Slasher House that I’d take a moment just to wrap this up. Slasher House was never something I though could be achieved the way it has been, it was written to sell to a studio and yet somehow we have managed to get almost exactly to the original vision that imagined that it really has made me think about a lot of things within the filmmaking process.

I can’t thank EVERYONE who has put their time and effort into this film enough, and, it would never have been possible without every single person putting in 200%. You are all amazing at your crafts and this film could not have been achieved without you.

The film will now be going into heavy post and we should see a version of the film later in the year. In the meantime there is much work to do and many things to take care of. So stay tuned as things are getting less quiet around here all the time and we have some amazing s**t to show you very soon.


Thursday 23 June 2011



After the daytime shoot on Tuesday, which involved ridiculous changes in weather and seating removed from our location, we managed to get through and power on to our next set.

Writing this is difficult as it very hard to say ‘ANYTHING’ with out giving away some major plot twists and turns that will make this film unique. But we’re still all about laying down the clues.


Shooting in our hometown is a very different experience to shooting in an abandoned prison on the Isle Of Man, in some ways it makes it easier, in the fact that we have some of the comforts of home and we know the place so well and where to pick things up if we somehow forget them etc.
But at the same time it becomes very nerve wracking, as we tend to work around friends and people we know and end up drafting them in to help us.

So Tuesday evening we took on the task of creating a large back-story for RED and as this is one of the most important scenes in the movie. What we did realise, however, was that with the right crew around us, we completely upped our game to a level that on this kind of budget we didn’t think possible.

This meant that the whole shoot took a lot longer than anticipated to stay at the quality mark we’d set and this did put a strain on all involved, and a lot of the crew being our friends this wasn’t ideal. But everyone stepped up to the bar and what we came away with in the early hours of yesterday morning was something that will lift the film to whole new level.

With starring turns from Eleanor James, Lissa Coyne and Subject 7 guitarist Kevin Balshen(standing in for a very important character) we managed to make this final stretch of the movie, the best it could ever be.

We also got to shoot a cameo from our Executive Producers the Kevin and Linda Rawstrone, who without, Slasher House would never have been possible. It was great to get them involved and it meant a lot to us to have them appear in the film.

Also look out for cameos from Lee Djandro and Spike Hesketh (who waited for 9 hours to shoot their appearance in the movie)

So check out the new stills below and get ready for your next instalment of the set report tomorrow.


Wednesday 22 June 2011



This is the first of our daily set reports this week that should take us to Friday. Of course everyone arrived on set officially on Monday and we wanted to have the first report up last night. But as you’ll find Slasher House is a cruel mistress with a will of its own. But moving on.

So yesterday saw us return to set with star Eleanor James to pick up where we left off almost a year ago in the Isle Of Man. Or to be more accurate 3 years ago in the Slasher-Verse where we find out more about whom ‘Red’ was before she found herself trapped in the House.


So today was spent shooting one of the flashbacks that gives us more of an insight into our leading lady. It was great fun, weather and lighting issues aside, we managed to bring a whole new dynamic to the movie and to the character. Tara Farque and Hannah Kearney both stepped in for supporting roles and made it an absolute breeze to shoot.

Its great to back on the set of this movie and we have so many exciting things coming up, but for now here is a glimpse of Red before she was the ‘One Girl’. Tomorrow we'll be reporting more on a super secret character that changes the whole game :)


Sunday 19 June 2011


Its been nearly a year since Mycho Pictures embarked on a close to impossible project and since we travelled to the Isle Of Man and spent 3 weeks living in an abandoned prison shooting our second feature length production SLASHER HOUSE.  Since then the shape of Mycho has changed dramatically.  Therefore what should have been shot late last year to bring the film to a close has quickly ended up bringing us to this point half way through 2011. But this is one of the many pitfalls of being a moneyless independent film studio.

So because we’re on set this week we thought we would do what we didn’t ever have the opportunity to do whilst we were shooting in the Internet-less prison. Which is update you guys on the shoot daily.  So every day we will have post something from the set and an update on what you can expect to see in the movie and its expanded universe.

So make sure you check back everyday as we get this show on the road and bring Slasher House home.