Sunday 23 December 2012


Its always a funny time of year this one, especially for updates and things like that. We launched 'Search The Dark' as a single and Video back in October and since then there haven't been any updates from the blog. There are a few reasons, but mainly after managing to have Slasher House ready for it premier on Halloween night, we really needed to take stock of what we were going to do next both film and company wise.

Then came all the other 'problems'... all connected to the movie. Making what seemed like a gargantuan  task seem all the more impossible. But I'll go into that a lot more in the new year. Coupled with that we have been working with some amazing bands, that have resulted in some of the best work we have ever done as a company and we'll be seeing the fruits of that labour as the New Year comes in. The decision we made was to give the Blog a fresh start in Jan, with a bit more structure to it and some lovely new artwork that you should be able to see now.

Things are once again changing here at Mycho and as always its for the better.