Friday 27 January 2012

SA-DA-KO Video Online!!!

This week the sees the release of Sa-Da-Ko’s new video for their song ‘Forced Evolutionary Virus’. 

The video had been the hardest thing we’ve ever worked on, and as a result had the longest production time of any video we’ve done to date. The team pulled everything we had access to together and managed to forge something that has turned out to be incredibly impressive.

It would be impossible to list the amount of friends and family who stepped in to help us getting this to the finish line. But Mycho would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the Huge, robot scorpion of a video, to life.

It was the video that nearly killed us… But in the end it has given us a brighter look towards the future.


Tuesday 24 January 2012


It’s been a while since the blog was updated… but its mainly because over the last few months we have been taking stock and figuring out what the future of the company is. This of course has taken a lot of organization and effort against a mountainous work load. So here it is, what going on with everything?

I get a lot of hassle about this ALL the time “Where is it?”, “Whys it not finished?”, “Is it ever even gonna come out?”. And I’m sick of the same thing over and over again.  So here is the skinny.
Creepsville is finished, at least as far as we can go. It now is waiting on actors, who need to dub lines, scoring which takes a long time and then the inevitable final screws turning once everything is in place.

“So why don’t these people just do it?”. They ARE doing it. But the simple fact is that we shot a film on ‘nothing’, nothing but blood, sweat and human sacrifice and as a result it difficult to demand that people who are gracious enough to do these things for us in their spare time to work faster. It will be done when it’s done and believe me… no one want to see this film out more than we do.
Everyone who has worked on this has done an outstanding job, FOR FREE, and to get the quality we want and NEED this film to have… we are willing to wait as long as it takes.

Slasher House is doing just fine… It all on track… we were hopeful for a Halloween premier this year, but life gets in the way and that was always a long shot either way. Slasher House is much more a case of something that is being taken care of by the current team and me ‘personally’ and although we have a lot of other projects constantly being juggled, it is a definite priority and is going very well.
There will be news about Slasher House and its release and such in the next month or so.


Well believe me… all the cool shit we have planned is about to kick you in the face piece.

Unfortunately some projects like I’VE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO TONIGHT THAN DIE… well… died. The project just needed the right weather and living in North West England, we just didn’t get the weather we needed to shoot it during the summer. Instead of trying to catch up and adding more to the pile, we decided it bets to put it on the back burner, but we have plans for it so you’ll see the film head into production at some point in the future.
In place of that though watch out for the announcement of our brand new features for 2012.

A lot of people ask me what happened to Mycho TV. Well quite simply, we had a lot of plans for it and everyone (including ourselves) either got too busy or moved on to other things and the shows development kept heading in so many different directions just keep up with the flux and change of life, not to mention the time it was taking to put together something of quality EVERY WEEK.
In the end we decided to regroup so that we could pull the show back together to the quality we wanted it with a regular cast and crew and a higher production value. We have some plans for the show and it will be returning early Spring 2012.

All in all Mycho as an entity has taken a hit this year for many different reasons, it should have killed off this little organization that I've been trying to build since I landed in Preston 7 years ago. But you can't keep a good man down... and I plan to prove that... again.