Monday 22 August 2011

Better Left Alone | Mycho TV

Another crazy week at Mycho… Mainly because we spent the weekend shooting with our friends, ‘Better Left Alone’, for their song ‘Move Forward’. On the hottest day I think we’ve had this year we shot their performance inside a living room that was boiling hot. But what a great experience it was. Check the still below.

Check out the band HERE

This week also saw the beginning of something that we’ve been working on for the last few months, our brand new web shows that delves into the live of us here at Mycho Pictures (Sort of). The web show was created to basically put the fun back into our filmmaking and August 15th saw the launch of the first Episode, which is an introduction to the world we live in. Which is still shockingly close to the world we actually live in.

The Web Channel will have a new video every week…  with behind the scenes of how we do what we do and the videos will eventually tie into our current releases… as well as offering you guys something entertaining.

Subscribe to the channel HERE… and check out Episode One Below.


Monday 8 August 2011



Only a short update this week as we have so much on and so much open. You may recall that a few weeks ago we put out some pictures from the shoot for Subject 7, well this week we continued shooting for the most epic video that we’ve ever attempted. Gathering together all the forces at our disposal we took on the mammoth task that was the second part of the Ninjitsu shoot. We still have 2 parts to go and then you should be seeing the video very shortly after that.


This week also saw us under taking yet another shoot for our good friends in Heavy Fluid Addicts, these guys have helped forge a large part of what Mycho is, and even have their song ‘Flies’ featured on Creepsville which will be out later this year.  It was strange experience for the team to shoot a very different video to anything we’ve under taken before. You can check out some stills below.

You can read more about the shoot and some other cool stuff at The World According To MJ Dixon