Wednesday, 22 June 2011



This is the first of our daily set reports this week that should take us to Friday. Of course everyone arrived on set officially on Monday and we wanted to have the first report up last night. But as you’ll find Slasher House is a cruel mistress with a will of its own. But moving on.

So yesterday saw us return to set with star Eleanor James to pick up where we left off almost a year ago in the Isle Of Man. Or to be more accurate 3 years ago in the Slasher-Verse where we find out more about whom ‘Red’ was before she found herself trapped in the House.


So today was spent shooting one of the flashbacks that gives us more of an insight into our leading lady. It was great fun, weather and lighting issues aside, we managed to bring a whole new dynamic to the movie and to the character. Tara Farque and Hannah Kearney both stepped in for supporting roles and made it an absolute breeze to shoot.

Its great to back on the set of this movie and we have so many exciting things coming up, but for now here is a glimpse of Red before she was the ‘One Girl’. Tomorrow we'll be reporting more on a super secret character that changes the whole game :)


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