Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Horror On Sea - Film Festival

Photo courtesy of  'Silent Studios'
I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but since we got back things have been a bit insane. Which kind of brings me to what I wanted to talk about because Film Festivals, like Music Festivals, are a different world, and one that you find you could very easily live in, everyday, forever and when you land back into your 'everyday' life everything is looked upon with a kind of melancholy.

First of all I have to just say that although this has been my first Festival experience where I have shown a feature film, and I can't imagine a better place or Festival to go through that. Horror On Sea director Paul Cotgrove crafted a weekend of films from all over the world that flowed wonderfully and of course made us feel like our film was something special.

Photography by Bradlee Nelson
It was a life changing experience for most of us and Slasher House (screening as the late showing on Saturday) was surprisingly well attended, which is quite a feat considering the weather and how late the film was on. We got great feedback from it and it was fantastic to see a room of strangers enjoying something that we had spent so long crafting.
The best part of the weekend for me was meeting filmmaker Pat Higgins (Hellbride, Trash House) whose film Trash House kick started my feature film journey more than 7 years ago, which brought everything to a nice full circle. Especially with Hellbride star Eleanor James being our leading lady.

The Festival also gave us a great chance to check out some amazing Horror films such as Nazi Zombie Death Tales (Obvs), Fear Eats The Seoul, Community, Inbred and The Eschatrilogy. We also got to hang out with Jason Wright and the Silent Studios team all weekend and those guys made us feel right at home along with the rest of the staff from Horror On Sea and Bradlee Nelson, thanks to these guys we felt very welcomed

I was also very lucky to meet one the most interesting people (never mind filmmakers) I had ever met in my entire life, who in about an hour restored my dwindling faith in the industry, Director of The Eschatrilogy, Damian Morter, who has been so much help to us in just the time we have arrived back that it is unreal and all because I just wanted to tell him I liked his film There is a lesson to be learned there people.

I'll end with this, It was an eye opening experience for me, both in terms of really understanding where I am currently within an industry and in terms of where I'm going and the kind of people that, if I'm lucky, I will get to work with along the way. There is great deal more that I would love to talk about, but for now my lips are sealed.
P.S. I look forward to the production "Pulsating Suspenders".


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