Thursday, 25 April 2013

Its Only Business

The biggest problem with this world and the reason we're all in this fucking shit to begin with is because "Its Only Business" has become an excuse to do whatever we want and treat people however we want and feel as if this somehow fucking justifies ignoring common human decency. 

I have done a lot of 'favours' for people, for friends, most of the time at my own personal expense, on good faith that I will be remembered next time round and then they dare utter the fucking words 'Its just business' when they decide that they've slummed it with me enough. Or worse they will move on to the next freebie giving sucker or worse still move on to the guy who costs £20 less.

You can tell me not to take it personally, but fucking hell, I am my business, Me, And I go above and beyond to deliver. 

I understand the need to try and save money and cut costs, but for what its worth Loyalty and human decency comes in at being a tad more valuable in my eyes. 

But then again what did I expect? "Its Only Business". Right?


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