Thursday, 13 September 2012


Yesterday I was sat working when a few situations from my life both personal and professional kind of aligned and I had a thought. I posted it on facebook and it had quite a response from people who had obviously come across the same thing. So because I'm lazy and didn't have time to write a blog this week I figured I would post it here. Because I can. What I wrote was...

"See what I enjoy is when people do something shitty and underhanded and then when they get caught pretend they have some kind of moral high ground, that somehow you deserved that thing to be done to you... Then over time they turn that thing into a reason why you are a 'dick' and create a story around it, then they begin to infect others with that lie and that passes to others and others and befor
e you know it so many relationships have become damaged because you NEVER even had the slightest clue that you should need to defend yourself against the actions of another...

So the assumption is made that because you just get on with it and accept that a 'friend' or 'loved one' has shown their true colours, they carry on with blind self righteousness that is backed up by the people who choose to believe that there is only one side to every story. There are 1000 situations like this I have seen and been involved in where the guilty party plays this game for so long that eventually they run out of supporters, but for those of us who sense, who feel this despicable nature early on, the price is a social shunning.

I have come across this kind of person many times in my life and the result is always the same and every time I've turned the other cheek as i've watched these two face bastards lie and cheat their way through life instead of taking responsibility for their own greedy, selfish actions and every time I've put that name on a mental list that I recite every morning... because people say "Let it go"... or "Why do you care?"... or "its not worth it"... And these are the people that allow these c**ts to carry in own in their own oblivious self righteous existence.

Well you know what? I shall not... Every single one of you that sits on this list will get whats coming to you and if I have to take care of that personally then so be it... Because I know i'm not perfect my friends, But at least I'm honest with myself.

And sometimes all it takes is "Sorry"...

I'll write that on your tombstone ;)


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