Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Writing the blog entry for this has become much of a bigger task than I first thought, But saying that I suppose to make sense as its the biggest (or at least one of) that we've ever taken on. Very much a team effort and it four of us working round the clock for a week to being it together. But after a several days  of building and a long night of shooting it was time for the main shoot.

one problem I've always had with directing our videos is that I usually tend to be in them, meaning that I have to bring in an outside cinematographer for the shoot. Initially I spent about 3 months last summer training up someone to do jobs like this... But he very quickly turned out to be a bust (of the worst kind, but we'll go into that whole fiasco later). Luckily whilst working on several films (for other people) I met another very talented Camera guy, who never seemed to make me look too bad ;) So After the stellar job he did on the 'No Fate' video I asked him to join us again.

Now here's something I didn't really think about to much, you see every time we've done a video and I've been on camera, I've had the whole band and their instruments sat behind me. But the video was a very different concept and suddenly I realized that not only was a going to have to act, whilst singing, I was going to have to do it at double speed to achieve the effect that we were going for. This was something that can really bring a performance or  video down, when there is too much going on all at once.

Another issue I had was that I'm used to shooting everything on my own, and so when I'm shooting I know that I've got what I need because ultimately I'm going to edit it and I shoot with that in mind. So having that extra added thing tends to make me unsure of exactly what I'm dealing with until I get into the edit. Having someone you trust to shoot is very important when I comes to this as it can at least relieve the added pressure.

The shoot went well, We tweaked some stuff and the stuff we shot the night before added a beautiful look and feel to the set we built when we had it all uploaded on the TV's. We also took much less time to shoot as the double speed track, obviously halved our turnover time.

So one week later we had spent £32, and after a butt load of work had one our most visually impressing  videos so far.

The video is released 30th October along with single 'Search The Dark' released on Mycho Records

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