Friday, 2 September 2011

Mycho TV Preview & Last Breath Release

Our exclusive Web Show continues this week with a brand new Episode this week as we introduce the theory of invisible Ninjas. The web show started as a very small idea that we wanted to use to put the fun back into our filmmaking. As usual though, it is quickly becoming something that has gotten very much out of control creatively. We have something quite special heading toward you guys for the rest of the year.

But we can’t really say much now, what we can say is that this week we shot the biggest episode we’ve done to date with a record number of ninja extras on set. It was a tiring day but eventually we got everything we needed and you guys are in for something very special coming at the end of the month.
Check out some teaser stills below

They'll be some more next week :)

This week also sees the release of the video we shot for Joe Public and Si Smith’s track ‘Last Breath’. You can check it out below.

We have lots more stuff heading your way for the rest of this year, it all going to be very exciting so make sure you stick around and get ready for a HUGE announcement from MychoTV.


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