Sunday, 10 July 2011


With everything going on in the last few weeks, we had totally forgotten about our entry into this years Virgin Media Shorts. A few weeks ago we had decided to enter the competition and had come up with an idea for the two minute run time. That idea was, of course, WishMaker.

In the end we had 3 days to pull the whole thing together from scripting to completion, which in the end was quite a challenge for what seemed to be such a complex idea to fit into 2 minutes. But we had set the goal by that point and weren’t willing to back down.

We had scheduled the film into one day, but due to several problems it took us about 3 sittings to bring it in, this was a pain as we were already pretty sleep deprived from the weekends shoot and the week of pre production on Sa-Da-Ko before that.

Saying that, all our nearest and dearest stepped up to help and we managed to bring in a fully edited cut and get it uploaded to the Virgin Media Shorts site, only 1 hour before deadline. You can check the film out at the link below from the official website and please leave a comment and share it out.

Up next we have some very big stuff planned, everything in the Mychoverse is about to change for the better and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.


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