Monday, 4 July 2011


Well after the past couple of weeks we’ve had what with shooting our second feature Slasher House, running Pre Production on a new No Budget feature I’ve Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die and working on pre production for our newest short film, it kind of strange that each day we’re never quite sure what we’ll be making, building or trying to acquire for free to go in front of the camera. So it kind of all go really all round, which leaves very little time for rest.


On top of all that we’ve also sat and watched as our very talented team Jonny Raw and Connol Pavey have pieced together a working giant robot scorpion on very little money and resources, and created something that would literally stand up in a Hollywood standard film.

This of course is all part of the newest video we’re shooting for UK Metal band Sa-Da-Ko, long time friends of us here at Mycho. For their video we wanted to really up the game of our productions and we have done just that. This weekend saw the first part of the shoot for their track ‘Forced Evolutionary Virus’.

The video is something really special with one of our best concepts yet, it really will change the game for the whole team here if we can pull it off. Which, of course, you know, we can. Look out for the release of ‘Forced Evolutionary Virus’ in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, check back this week for set reports from our newest short film and get ready for some even bigger surprises coming to the Mychoverse.